Just recieved an email to tell me that my application for EPIK in Korea has been officially submitted. I realised that in the essay I wrote, there is a grammatical error: “because my mother is an primary school teacher”. How embarrassing…. Hopefully it goes unnoticed. Next step is to wait and see if I get a second round interview!! Fingers crossed. 

Also, can any vegetarians out there recommend some quick lunches for me? Have been just having leftover dinners… but I want some excitement in my life ;) Preferably involving rice I just got the most fantastic rice cooker. X

supernovered: I was looking through your blog and wondering how I began following you but then saw your golden plains pictures and remembered having a stalk of the tag once I got home from gp. Sick blog btw, your life seems really interesting

Oh, Golden Plains, what a magical adventure :’) And thank you, sadly the boring parts of my life are omitted in the blogging world, as you can probably imagine. I do spend a lot of time in my bedroom watching TED talks, drinking tea and wondering why I have not done any of my assignments ;) X

Whether we’re talking about fish species, pigs, or some other eaten animal is such suffering the most important thing in the world? Obviously not. But that’s not the question. Is it more important than sushi, bacon, or chicken nuggets? That’s the question.
― Jonathan Safran Foer, “Eating Animals”.
Here we go…

OKAY I have officially submitted my application to teach English for EPIK in South Korea 2015. The next stage is to await an interview offer from EPIK, nail that and then get placed in a school (which I will!). If there is one thing I learnt from the stupid sales job I had for six months - It is positivity breeds positivity. I’m so excited and wish this whole process could be sped up. I’ve had to do so much so far - write an essay, a complete lesson plan, resubmit my application a few times (Mac vs PC fail) and do a preliminary interview! I haven’t even finished my TEFL certification - I’ve been excitedly researching EPIK/Korea instead of studying for that and my Spanish diploma! If anyone is reading this who’s in South or Korea or participated in the EPIK program, I would love to hear from you. It seems that mostly Americans do it. I saw that the JET Programme in Japan will only accept US Citizens! Poor Aussies. X

For dinner I had chips and an icecream. Send help.